Nearly each day of your pregnancy presents something new. It might be a decision to make about your health or the health of your baby; a symptom you’ve never experienced before; or an important conversation to have with your partner or healthcare team. Everywhere you turn, you hear conflicting advice from friends and family, your healthcare providers, and from Dr. Google.

It can be exhausting—not only physically, but mentally and emotionally!

“I look forward to getting my pregnancy update each week. So many websites all say the same thing about the baby’s development, but don’t touch on what I can do as a mama to support my healthy pregnancy. The explanation of important nutrients and inclusion of recipes absolutely made my day. As a nurse, I almost always see biased information funded by companies, but these well-rounded emails are perfect. No bias, just good information so you can decide what’s best for YOUR pregnancy. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool!” – Erin Dodson, 20 weeks pregnant


Our weekly email series was created by the same team of Whole30 prenatal health professionals and mamas who created our flagship Healthy Mama, Happy Baby membership program.

These emails are included in the HMHB Program. But if you’ve decided the program isn’t for you, you can purchase a stand-alone subscription to these emails for $14.99. (That works out to less than fifty cents per week over 40 weeks of pregnancy.) When you purchase a subscription, you gain access to our archives. No matter how close to your due date you are when you subscribe, you have access to the valuable information included in the previous weeks.


The practical advice offered in our weekly emails is more helpful and detailed than the typical, “your baby is the size of a cantaloupe” content you may have read elsewhere. We researched dozens of health and wellness topics that will affect you as you progress through your pregnancy, and we share our research and expertise in the form of conversational, actionable emails.

Each week, we’ll send you an email that includes a detailed and easy-to-understand article about a topic that’s relevant to your exact stage of pregnancy. This resource might prepare you for an upcoming appointment; explain a medical procedure; or help you better understand an important decision you’ll have to make.

Other sections of the emails include fascinating information about how baby is developing; highlight a specific nutrient that will support your health; an affirmation to center you in the midst of change; and a helpful to-do list to keep you organized.

At Whole Mamas, our goal is to provide you with the high quality information you need so that you’re empowered to make the choice that’s right for you and your growing family. Think of our HMHB weekly emails like Steph, Chelsea and the rest of the Whole Mamas team showing up in your inbox every week to cheer you on, give you helpful advice, and tell you the most important message of all: Mama, you’re doing a great job.

“I appreciate the links out to various resources, articles, products and podcasts, so that I can research more about specific topics. My favorite part of the email is the Food/Nutrient of the Week especially with the recipe! Being a first time mom, the to do list is a lifesaver, as I feel absolutely lost about what and when I should be doing certain things…buying items for nursery, when to look for pediatricians and daycares, etc.  I’m really excited to get these emails! – Melissa Marschner Williams, 16 weeks pregnant

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