by Stephanie Greunke, Whole Mamas Program Manager

When you’re a new or expecting mom, sometimes you need to take shortcuts to stay healthy and sane. I get it! My two boys and my full time job keep me busy from dawn until dusk. One way I make life easier on myself is ordering household and pantry staples from Thrive Market. It’s one of my favorite ways to simplify my life while saving money.

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What if you didn’t have to leave the house (or even switch websites!) to get diapers, wipes, toilet paper, dish soap, almond flour, organic coffee and your favorite Whole30 Approved items delivered to your doorstep? Now, what if I told you that the prices on these items are 25-50% lower that what you’ll find at your local health food store, and shipping on purchases over $49 is always free?

Here’s the coolest part: your purchase of a Thrive Market membership provides a free membership to a family in need. I love this mamas-helping-mamas aspect to being a Thrive Market member. Find out more about qualifying for a free membership at Thrive Gives.

Let’s Talk Diapers

Who doesn’t love a super-cute pattern on a diaper that is also thoughtfully-made with plant-derived materials, and without chlorine, fragrances, and other harmful ingredients? The cost of those cute leading name brand diapers, however, can be a barrier. Thrive Market helps bridge the gap between what’s best for baby AND for your wallet.

Here’s what I mean. If we take a look at the ingredients in a leading diaper company compared to the lower cost Thrive Market brand, there’s not a huge difference:

Leading Company: Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Wood Pulp (From Sustainably Managed Forests), Absorbent Bio-Core (Wheat Polymer Blended With Sodium Polyacrylate), Plant-Based PLA (Inner & Outer Layer), Adhesives (In Seams & Joints), Polymer Spandex & Polypropylene (In Leg/Waist System), Ink, Citrus Extract & Liquid Chlorophyll (Natural-Derived Odor Blockers In Bio-Core)

Thrive: Totally Chlorine-Free Wood Pulp (From Sustainably Managed Forests. No Optical Brighteners), Absorbent Core (Sodium Polyacrylate Blended With Plant-Based & Plant-Derived Material), Plant-Based PLA (Inner & Outer Layer), Safe Adhesives (In Seams & Joints), Polymer Spandex & Polypropylene (In Leg/Waist System), Ink (Made Without Lead & Heavy Metals In Printed Backsheet), Citrus Extract & Liquid Chlorophyll (Natural Acting Odor Blockers In Absorbent-Core)

Pretty similar, right? Now, how about cost?

Leading Company$51.98 for 160 size 1 diapers, or about 32 cents a diaper.

Thrive$31.99 for 160 size 1 diapers, or about 20 cents a diaper.

Maybe the cute prints are worth the additional $20 for you. However, I’ll take that $20 savings and put it towards a new product I’ve been wanting to try out!

Maybe you’re using cloth diapers or you’re past the diaper stage. What else makes Thrive an awesome option?

Stock Your Pantry and Your Utility Closet with Thrive Market

At Thrive Market, you’ll pay 25-50% below retail on pantry staples, and you’ll also have access to their incredible house brand products. They’re as good as (if not better than) leading natural cleaning products and healthy pantry items sold elsewhere, but at better prices and all under one roof (eh, website). Plus, they often throw in a free gift with your purchase. And who doesn’t love a  gift?

When I first saw that Thrive Market had their own line of household products and pantry goods, I was doubtful. I had my trusted-and-true favorites. Could Thrive’s coconut butter really stand up to my beloved favorite? Would I like their all-purpose spray as much as I like my homemade, essential oil based spray? I’m happy to admit that their private label products exceeded my expectations—so much so that when they had a discount on their Thrive Market brand products for Cyber Monday, I bought pretty much everything they had to offer.

If you’re interested in checking out our Whole30 favorites for new and expecting mamas, including Thrive Market’s diverse line of high-quality pantry staples, wellness products, and home supplies, click here to get started with your membership. Plus, you can browse our Whole Mamas favorites as well! Save yourself the  time (and tantrums) associated with driving to the store, waiting in line, and unloading bags from your car by allowing Thrive to support your busy #momlife.

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