Hey mama! Chelsea here, Content Coordinator for Whole Mamas. Are you participating in the #JanuaryWhole30? We have over 100 women in our private Facebook group excited to start! The women in our Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program represent several stages of motherhood. Some women are focusing on preconception health, some are pregnant, and this year, we have a record number of mamas joining in for a #BreastfeedingWhole30.

We’d love to have you join us

There’s still time to join our program today and take advantage of the highest level of support and accountability to help you troubleshoot your Whole30. This week only, we’re offering $40 off our lifetime membership with the code W30JAN19.

Our Whole Mamas co-creator Stephanie Greunke, RD, plus four Whole30 Certified Coaches (Kelly Becker, Emily NicholsChelsea Hoyt, and Chloe Davenport) are leading our Whole Mamas members through their January Whole30 with daily check ins and inspiration. See more details on the support and fun extras we offer during these group Whole30s on our Join Now page.

Can’t commit to joining our program? No problem! We’re planning to support you all month with posts right here on our Whole Mamas blog and Instagram posts and stories. We also have our Whole30 hub page that can point you to some of our favorite resources. And, I have three additional strategies you can employ to ensure your Whole30 success.

Gather your supplies

Stock your pantry with compliant goods Thrive Market is one of our favorite online retailers for stocking the pantry. They carry some of our favorite items like the New Primal BBQ sauces, Nutpods, Fourth and Heart Ghee, and much more. Plus, they have a robust offering of Thrive Market brand staples; things like coconut oil, almond flour, nuts and seeds. Plus, for busy mamas, their Thrive Market brand diapers, wipes, and cleaning supplies are easy to toss in your shopping cart and have delivered at the same time. Orders over $49 always ship for free, and shipping is fast. Get ready for your Whole30 without loading up the kids in the car and dragging them through the store.

Stash Approved meals in the freezer Did you know that you can now find Whole30 Approved freezer meals at Walmart across the United States? These budget friendly meals are perfect for those days when you haven’t found a moment to yourself. Stay compliant with ease this January.

Invest in supplies that make meal prep easier We put together a list of some fun kitchen gadgets, which can make your life easier and make cooking fun. Consider choosing one that you’ll buy for yourself as a reward at the halfway mark of your Whole30.

Make your meal plan

Our #1 meal planning tip is a subscription to the Whole30 planner via Real Plans. Here’s why we love Real Plans for the busy mama:

  • You can meal plan on mobile with their app.
  • Feel free to load recipes from bloggers that you love.
  • Personalize your meal plan to please even the pickiest of eaters (don’t like mushrooms? No problem!) and to suit your weekly schedule.
  • Real Plans generates a grocery shopping list and includes helpful prep notes.
  • The Whole30 option plans every meal of your Whole30 + your reintroduction.

If Real Plans isn’t your thing, consider purchasing a new cookbook to inspire tasty meals all month long. Melissa Hartwig Urban’s newest cookbook, The Whole30 Slow Cooker is a great choice for busy mamas! We also love the recipes from The Whole30 Fast&Easy.

Want to make your future self super happy? Set up a meal delivery service for one of the weeks of January. You’ll be so thankful that you did. You can search on the Whole30 Approved site for local delivery services, or order from one that delivers nationwide, like The Good Kitchen.

Find your support system

Do you have a Whole30 buddy? You still have time to recruit a local friend to Whole30 with you this January. Hopefully you have the support of your family and friends at home during your Whole30, even if they’re not participating. Share about why you’re choosing to embark on the program and ask for their support. Having a local Whole30 network can help you succeed and have more fun along the way.

Like I mentioned, our Whole Mamas group will be led in a group Whole30 by 4 coaches who are excited to help troubleshoot and support each step of the way. Our Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program is designed for pregnant women, and mamas tend to stick around even after babes are born. The community is full of women in all stages of motherhood. If you join now for the Whole30 support, you can access the pregnancy resources at any point in the future, as your membership is for life!

If the Whole Mamas group isn’t the best fit for you, you could consider hiring a Whole30 coach in your area for local meet ups or individual coaching, if that’s more up your alley. As always, you can complete a Whole30 for free, and our Instagram community provides support. I hope you’ll connect with us there, and I wish you a successful January Whole30.

Formerly an English as a Second Language instructor at the university level, Chelsea shifted her interest to holistic health after giving birth to her first child. Her degrees in Communications and Education serve her well as she works to support women in their journey through motherhood. Chelsea lives in San Diego with her husband and 3 children.



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