‘Tis the season to make babies! According to a 2012 study, December is the busiest time of year to get busy. The study found that there are a surge of birthdays in late September, making Christmas Eve one of the most popular dates of conception.

We asked the mamas in our Instagram community to share how they revealed the big news to their partner and here’s what some of them had to say.

Special Gifts for Your Partner

“I put a little seed in a small box and wrote ‘this is how big our baby is right now.’” – @mtnaygetsfit

“I got him the books, Dude You’re Going to be a Dad, and Guess How Much I Love You.” – @jenadro89

“Brought him coffee in a mug that said ‘Daddy: Est. 2017.’ Most fun news to give ever!!”  – @katiemcrook

“Bought a plain newborn onesie and wrote “team (his last name)” on it and hung it up on the wall under our wedding picture so he’d see it when he came home from work. Took him awhile.” @ohhana

“My husband used to box,  so when we were first married I knit a tiny pair of baby mittens & stitched them to look like boxing gloves. I put them in a drawer to save them for ‘some day.’ Two-and-a-half years later, I gave him a wrapped present with the baby boxing gloves inside.” – @jane__slayre

Surprise! We’re having a…

“It was Father’s Day and I was crying in the bathroom, our 13-month-old was napping, and my husband’s brother just walked in for a pop-in visit. My husband was thrilled while I was in tears and he said,  ‘Could you be a little happier on Father’s Day?!’ Haha, at the time I was in complete shock (totally unexpected), but it sure does make a good story now.” – @cadaradley

“I waited a week to surprise him on his 30th birthday! Had him open some gifts and in one box I put the positive pregnancy test in it. Got it all on video.” – @kiryssabos

“I had so many ideas how I would tell him, but when I saw that line I got too excited to keep it in. I called him at work immediately to tell him.” – @dat5053

The Old Fashioned Way

“I had all these ideas about how i would tell my husband I was pregnant when the time came, but I couldn’t contain myself and busted into our bedroom with the positive pregnancy test, jumped on the bed where my still-sleeping husband was and excitedly told him ‘Look, look!’ It took him a minute to understand what was happening! Can’t wait for our sweet babe to come in April!” [email protected]_skubal

“I threw the test at him and said ‘You were right, jerkface.’” – @savanahnana

“Baby number 3 was a complete modern medicine fluke, given our attempt at being satisfied with two! He heard me hyperventilating in the bathroom and came in to find me holding a positive test … we commenced hyperventilating together” – @ohsohappy_megan

Kids & Pets

“I bought my son a shirt that said ‘Awesome Big Brother’ and asked hubby what he thought of it. It actually didn’t click in. Haha.” – @hanka_squish

“I wrote ‘I’m going to be a big sister’ on our six-month-old baby’s onesie. We were both surprised by the pregnancy.” @robynpuglia

“I put a shirt that I made onto our puppy that said ‘Big sister!’ He thought I had bought another puppy.” @kmgoldstone

“I put our puppy in a t-shirt that I had ironed on the words ‘big sister.’ When he came home from work she was sitting at the door wagging her tail at him.” – @rutgersjen

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