Hey mama! Chelsea here, Content Coordinator for Whole Mamas. Are you planning to join the #SeptemberWhole30? We have almost 100 women in our private Facebook group committed, and they’re in all stages of the journey!

The women in our Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program represent several stages of pregnancy and postpartum:  TTC, pregnant, and breastfeeding. There’s still time to join our program today and get in on that highest level of support and accountability to help you troubleshoot your Whole30. This week only, we’re offering $40 off our lifetime membership with the code SEPT18W30.

Stephanie Greunke, RD, and Whole30 Certified Coaches Lindsey Pastorova and Jennifer Luca will be leading our mamas through their September Whole30 with daily check ins and inspiration.

Can’t commit to joining our program? No problem! We’re planning to support you all month with articles right here and Instagram posts and stories. Don’t forget, we have Whole30 support on each of our hub pages, whether you’re attempting a #PregnantWhole30, #BreastfeedingWhole30 or just a regular old #Whole30. We want to see you succeed!

Here’s something to get you started; my top three resources to help simplify your Whole30.

Meal Planning with Real Plans

I tend to be more spontaneous during the summer, but when fall comes around, I’m ready to get back into my meal planning habits. Whether you’re doing the #SeptemberWhole30 or you just want to prioritize meal planning and prep, consider purchasing a subscription to Real Plans.

Here’s why we love Real Plans for the busy mama:

  • You can meal plan on mobile with their app.
  • Feel free to load recipes from bloggers that you love.
  • Real Plans generates a grocery shopping list and includes helpful prep notes.
  • The Whole30 option plans every meal of your Whole30 plus your reintroduction.

If you don’t mind making your own meal plans, but could use some fresh tips, check out this post from Real Plans on How to Meal Plan for Kid Friendly Meals.

Want more meal planning support? ! Check out our free Grocery List/Meal Planner.

Save Time and Energy with Thrive Market

No more bundling up the kids, buckling them into to car seats, and lugging them to the store. Thrive Market carries some of our favorite items like Safe Catch tuna, Nutpods, Fourth and Heart Ghee, and much more. Plus, they have a robust house brand that carries necessities like coconut oil, almond flour, nuts and seeds plus house brand diapers, wipes, and cleaning supplies.  Orders over $49 always ship for free.

Our Whole Mamas team has tried out the Thrive Market diapers, wipes and cleaning supplies, and can vouch for their quality. They’re as good as (if not better than) leading natural baby items and cleaning products sold elsewhere, but at better prices (and all without ever leaving your house). Not to mention that Thrive Market offers all of this at 25-50% off retail.

When you sign up for Thrive Market, they’ll give you $20 your first three orders. That’s a total savings of $60, which more than covers your initial membership cost.

Click here to snag your $60 credit, plus shop our Thrive Market picks.

Avoid Whole30 Emergencies with Barefoot Provisions

There’s no hunger like pregnancy or breastfeeding hunger, which is why our Whole Mamas team recommends always having nourishing options on hand. Consider treating yourself to the Whole Mamas Kit from Barefoot Provisions.

This special kit was specially designed by Melissa Hartwig Urban, of the Whole30, and Stephanie Greunke, RD, to help see you through some of the challenges of eating good food during your pregnancy. It includes a wide variety of portable protein, vegetables and fruit, and healthy fats to see you through long days at work, travel delays, or if you find yourself in need of a between-meal snack.

We’ve also included a few products specifically geared towards providing you and your baby with a wide range of micronutrients, and some offerings to help you deal with morning sickness or food aversions.  All of these products are 100% Whole30 compliant, so you don’t have to worry about ingredients while you’re eating one-handed and soothing a babe with the other.

We also created the Whole Mamas Essentials Kit with our absolute favorite products that we can’t live without!


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