Looking for nourishing recipes to support your preconception health and replenish nutrient stores after getting off the pill? We think that the Whole30 is a fantastic way to optimize your health. It helps to reduce inflammation, fuel you with whole food nutrients, and regulates your blood sugar, which can all help to support fertility.

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If you are coming off of hormonal birth control in an effort to become pregnant, you may be experiencing some nutrient deficiencies and hormonal irregularities. We recommend working with your healthcare provider to address any underlying issues. Click to read more information about post-birth control syndrome.

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The possibilities are endless for recipes that can help support your preconception health, and today we’re highlighting a few from our @whole30recipes account and sharing why they’re important in replenishing stores post-birth control. 

Main dishes:

Caramelized Onion, Squash, and Chicken Apple Sausage Frittata@realfoodwithdana | This dish can be prepared ahead of time for a quick, on-the-go, fat + protein-rich option for breakfast! The eggs help balance blood sugar and replenish nutrients often depleted by the pill, such as vitamin B12 and selenium.

BLT Breakfast Cups | @bazaarlazarr | As written, this is an egg-free breakfast option, but if it were up to us…we’d add an egg. Eggs are a great source of choline and vitamin D! Use a dark leafy green such as spinach or kale to get the benefits of vitamin C, folate, and magnesium. The tomatoes add an extra boost of antioxidants, including vitamin C. If possible, choose an organic, pastured bacon without nitrates or nitrites such as Pederson’s Farms or Naked Bacon.

Wild Smoked Salmon California Hand Rolls @foodbymars | The iodine in seaweed supports thyroid health and will continue to be important well into your pregnancy. Wild-caught salmon contains many nutrients, including brain boosting EPA/DHA. It also contains selenium and zinc, two minerals that the pill can deplete. Plus…might as well get that sushi in before you’re pregnant, right?

Roasted Cod with Broccoli and Blueberries | @balanced_life_leslie | This recipe has it all! Seafood contains B-vitamins and selenium that help support your mood, energy and counteract the toxicity of heavy metals, such as mercury. Broccoli and blueberries might sound like a strange combination, but what do you have to lose? They are both great sources of vitamin C, and broccoli is high in folate for neural tube development.

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Side dishes:

Sweet Potato Hummus | @primal_gourmet | This recipe is unique and is perfect for post-birth control syndrome. Tthe fiber in the veggies and dipping sauce helps your body eliminate excess estrogen and toxins by ensuring bowel regularity, safely removing excess estrogen from your body. The phytonutrients in the veggies and dip help reduce overall inflammation, supporting overall health.

Pistachio Lemon Pesto |@thewholecook | This twist on a classic basil pesto includes pistachios, which is great for the purpose of replenishing nutrients post-birth control. Pistachios, like most nuts, are high in fat, and rich in magnesium and vitamin B6.

Pork Chops with Grilled Pineapple@simonhallprivatechef | There’s no need to fear fruit on a Whole30-inspired diet. In fact, fresh fruit is packed with nutrients you need to replenish post-birth control, such as vitamin C. Pair fruit with protein and a healthy fat, to keep your blood sugar stable while enjoying nature’s candy, fresh fruit.


Chicken Bone Broth@thewoodenskillet | Broth supports gut health, which can be compromised while taking the pill. Fresh herbs reduce inflammation which helps the body rebalance, optimizes your chances of conceiving, and supports mental health. Make a big batch and sip it throughout the day!

You may feel overwhelmed as you work toward optimal health, but just remember that small changes add up over time. Make sure to visit our Preconception Hub Page to see all of the resources that we have available to you.

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