by Steph Greunke, who understands the chaos of the morning routine and needs no-cook breakfasts, too!

Do your mornings feel rushed? As of mom of toddlers, I completely understand the pandemonium of weekday mornings. It’s a chaotic blur of getting everyone fed, dressed, multiple lunches packed, teeth and hair brushed, and remembering the random things like pajama day at school after everyone is in the car. With babies, there’s another set of challenges! Feeding, burping, and last-minute clothing changes because a blowout always happens the second you’re ready to head out the door. Is this your reality too?

Easy pre-cooked or no-cook breakfasts

It’s no wonder why so many of us skip breakfast or choose quick, pre-packaged options in an effort to get everyone fed and out the door on time (or less late). We hear you and we want to help by offering five no-cook or pre-cooked breakfast options to help you power through your mornings with a full, happy belly. These options work for you and your little(s) so everyone can find a bit more peace in the morning.

All of these options follow our #ingredientmeal template. At each meal try to include a source of protein, produce, and a healthy fat to help keep your blood sugar stable and provide consistent energy. These options below also offer a variety of nutrients to help replenish nutrients you may be low in postpartum and help little brains and bodies grow. Find more #ingredientmeal inspiration on our IG Story Highlight!

Eggs (protein) paired with sliced avocados (fat) and berries (produce)

No-cook: Purchase store-bought hard-boiled eggs. We like @vitalfarms pasture-raised hard-boiled eggs. You can also find hard-boiled eggs in bulk at stores like Costco!

Pre-cooked: Frittata or egg muffins. These are a great, portable, make-ahead option! Take some with you to work or have it ready to reheat on busy mornings. We love this recipe from Whole30 Coach Kelly Warner.

Breakfast Sausage (protein) served over greens and a side of sliced banana (produce) topped with nut butter (fat)

No-cook: Use a pre-made chicken sausage. My kids love Applegate Chicken and Apple Breakfast Sausages. You can also find less expensive options at Aldi or Walmart.

Pre-cooked: Homemade breakfast sausages are a great egg-free breakfast option. They can be customized to meet your preferred flavor profile. Use different spices, veggies, and even fruit like sliced apples or berries. We love these savory breakfast sausages from Charlotte of @confessionsofacleanfoodie.

Sweet or savory toast

No-cook:  Top store-bought frozen sweet potato toasts from @caulipower or bread with something sweet like nut butter and fruit or something savory like guacamole and sliced store-bought chicken sausages.

Pre-cooked: You can make your own sweet potato toast to save money and opt for a nutrient-dense base to use for breakfast toast or use as a replacement for bread for a mid-day sandwich. Try these delicious sweet potato toasts from Whole30 Coach Jacob Heath Henriquez.

Breakfast hash or skillet

No-cook: Meal delivery services like Model Meals make high-quality pre-made breakfasts like Pastured chorizo scramble + sweet potato hash. If you’re in a cooking funk, consider ordering a few options from a meal delivery service near you! Search for a Whole30 Approved option near you.

Pre-cooked: We like to think of breakfast as meal #1. You don’t have to have the “standard” breakfast options as your first meal of the day like toast or cereal. In fact, choosing a protein, fat, and produce-based breakfast will help you stay full longer and prevent “hanger” from striking an hour or two after eating. Whole30 Coach Tannyr Denby Watkins of @thedeliciousantidote has a fantastic egg-free breakfast skillet recipe that features cinnamon apples, pecans, and sausage that your entire family will love.

Protein and Fat Bars

No-cook: Let’s be real. Sometimes you just need to grab something to eat in the car because it’s been THAT kind of morning. When you need a quick car breakfast, bars like RXBAR and Epic’s Bacon and Egg Yolk bar come to the rescue. The inclusion of protein and fat will boost your energy until you can sit down to a more balanced meal.

Pre-cooked: If you prefer to make your own protein and fat-based bars, you can try these date energy bites that include your favorite nuts and seeds to provide a source of protein and fat. 

no-cook breakfastsStephanie Greunke is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition who specializes in prenatal/postnatal health. Stephanie holds additional certifications in perinatal mental health and fitness and is passionate about helping moms optimize their mental and physical health. She’s the founder of and co-hosts the Whole Mamas podcast.