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Elana interviews Whole 30 Certified Coach, Autumn Michaelis, mother of five boys and master of feeding her family healthy foods on a budget. She shares her tips on feeding herself and her family on a budget, how she overcame her kids’ picky eating behaviors, and advice for busy mamas who want to do a family Whole30.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Self care as a mom
  • How the Whole30 changed Autumn’s life
  • How she transitioned her whole family into a Whole30-inspired diet (and the NSVs that her entire family experienced!)
  • Tips for using kitchen time and groceries efficiently

This episode's guest

Autumn Michaelis is the Whole30 Coaching Coordinator, as well as a Certified Whole30 Coach. She is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, with a B.S. in Exercise Science from BYU. She has run wellness and aerobics programs at the university and local levels. Through exercise was her first love in the health world, nutrition has become her passion. She is mom to 5 boys ages 6-14 and loves adventuring (hiking, camping, exploring), dancing, running, and creating family-friendly clean recipes.