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In this episode, Stephanie interviews Emily Pardy, a marriage and family counselor and the founder of Ready Nest Counseling to discuss challenges many new parents experience. Emily identifies various life adjustments, emotional challenges, and relationship struggles that may occur once baby is born.

You’ll leave this interview with simple, actionable steps to gracefully navigate some of these changes. You’ll also learn where to go for more information and support, should you choose to be proactive or if you’re currently experiencing these issues.

Enjoy the listen!


Topics Discussed:

  • Emily’s background, training, and personal journey
  • Challenges a new baby presents to a marriage/relationship
  • Adjustments and emotional implications
  • Five steps for effective communication
  • Important things to discuss before baby comes
  • Managing resentment
  • Realistic ways to reconnect with your partner
  • Resources for couples navigating new parenthood
  • Her top three pieces of advices for new parents

This episode's guest

Emily Pardy is a counselor and founder of Ready Nest Counseling in Nashville, TN. Ready Nest Counseling helps couples prepare for parenthood by caring for their relational wellness as they transition through conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and infertility. Emily has written for multiple parenting publications including Thriving Family magazine and ParentLifemagazine. She has her Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and is the author of For All Maternity, a humorous memoir of her own journey into motherhood. Emily resides in Nashville, TN with her husband and three rambunctious daughters. Connect with Emily on Instagram or through her website.