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Dr. Aviva Romm, MD shares why optimizing your thyroid health is so important before conception and during pregnancy. In this two-part episode, Dr. Romm explains what lab tests you should do prior to conceiving and during pregnancy. You’ll learn why your provider might push back on testing and how to advocate for yourself. She also offers realistic tips to support your thyroid and adrenal glands while trying to conceive and pregnant, and what moms need to know (but are often not told) when it comes to navigating hypothyroidism while trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Dr. Aviva will be back next week to share strategies to navigate thyroid health during postpartum on Part 2 of this interview!

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Topics Discussed:

  • Important lab tests to get done before conceiving
  • Why some providers push back on testing
  • Why TSH isn’t as accurate in the first trimester
  • How long to wait to safely conceive again after loss
  • What happens to our thyroid during pregnancy
  • How frequently should the thyroid be tested
  • Helpful supplements that are safe during pregnancy
  • Strategies to support sleep during pregnancy

This episode's guest

Dr. Aviva Romm is a midwife, herbalist, and Yale-trained MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine with Obstetrics, who has been bridging the best of traditional medicine with good science for over three decades. Her focus is on what she calls our total health ecology, utilizing exposome medicine to identify and reverse the root causes of chronic health conditions, particularly hormonal problems in women and common children’s health problems. She is considered one of the world’s leaders in botanical medicine and is the author of 7 books on natural medicine, including the textbook Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health (Elsevier) and The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution (Harper One). Dr. Romm is the author of the integrative medicine curriculum for the Yale Internal Medicine and Pediatric Residencies, is on numerous scientific advisory and editorial boards, and is a widely sought and highly engaging speaker. Her online programs for women are wildly popular and successful, helping women take back their health, affordably, and her innovative professional programs are educating a next generation of health practitioners. Her non-profit organization, DharmaMoms, provides funding for midwifery education and salaries in high risk obstetric, low resource communities. Dr. Romm lives and practices medicine in the Berkshires and New York City.