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Dr. Elana interviews Tawny Sterios on the topic of women’s gatherings during Covid-19. They discuss the importance of gathering and how women can still benefit mentally, spiritually and emotionally through virtual gatherings. For mamas who were hoping for their baby shower or Mother’s blessing, you can still have one! Tawny offers tips and guidance so no mama will miss out on her special occasion. Tawny has a decade of experience leading women’s circles and retreats all over the world, along with being a prenatal and postpartum doula and yoga teacher. She knows what a mama needs to stay nourished–and gathering with other women is a must. This episode will teach you how to get started in creating meaningful gatherings so you can remain connected with your community in a time when we desperately need it. 

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Topics Discussed:

  • Why gatherings for women are so important
  • The mental, emotional, spiritual and physical benefits of gathering
  • How we can still gather safely during Covid-19 
  • How virtual gatherings are still beneficial
  • What different types of gatherings and ceremonies may look like
  • How to set up a peaceful space and host a gathering/circle/retreat

Show Notes:

This episode's guest

Tawny Sterios: mother – yoga teacher and teacher trainer – birth doula – circle guide – Qoya dancer – nature enthusiast.

She has been teaching yoga for 15 years and leading women’s circles and retreats for the last 10 years. She is an RYT-500hr yoga teacher and co-founder of mBODY YOGA, a studio she owned for 8 years in San Luis Obispo CA with her husband, Peter Sterios, who is also a yogi and entrepreneur. She is certified in both Kundalini Yoga and hatha yoga through LEVITYoga, and teaches in LEVITYoga’s Teacher Training Programs. She was a featured model in Yoga Journal Magazine (2010-2011) and was one of a select group of national instructors invited to teach yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative (2011-2013).

In addition to her love of yoga, Tawny has a fierce devotion to supporting women that are coming into motherhood. She is a certified Prenatal & PostPartum Doula and a Prenatal PostPartum Yoga Instructor. She has also been leading monthly Women’s Circle at studios near and far for the past decade where women hold sacred space for the unfolding of life and the quiet inner knowing that bond us. Currently she is holding monthly virtual women’s circles and Qoya Ceremonies for women all over the country. As well, she leads in person retreats and teaches at festivals. Every Spring and Fall she hosts retreats for women in California, in the Summer she sometimes offers Mother Daughter retreats in Mexico and a every Winter a co-ed adventure to India. Her retreats are modern ceremonial gatherings that offer a variety of cross cultural modalities that support wellness.