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Today Dr. Elana interviews holistic pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song, MD on the urgent topic of the Coronavirus. This interview dives into the current outbreak of Coronavirus, sharing current statistics and basic practices you can add into your daily routine to help strengthen your family’s immune system and lessen your chances of developing Coronavirus. Dr. Song lends her knowledge to empower us. By being well informed, we can transform our fear and lessen our anxiety during the Coronavirus outbreak, for common concerns like the flu, and for future outbreaks. She provides tangible tips and solutions we can implement right away to feel proactive and better understand what this virus is and how we can protect our families. Note: This episode was recorded on March 1st, 2020. Dr. Song will be updating her blog post (linked in the show notes) as she learns more information.

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Topics Discussed:

  • What Coronavirus is
  • How and why it spreads so quickly
  • What symptoms to look for
  • When to go to the doctor to get tested
  • Simple precautions you can take today to protect your family
  • Traveling tips

This episode's guest

Holistic mama doc, Dr. Elisa Song, MD is a holistic pediatrician, pediatric functional medicine expert, and mama to 2 crazy fun kids. In her integrative pediatric practice, Whole Family Wellness, she’s helped thousands of kids get to the root causes of their health concerns. She’s helped their parents understand how to help their children thrive–body, mind, and spirit–by integrating conventional pediatrics with functional medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils. These health concerns have ranged from frequent colds, ear infections, asthma, and eczema; to autism, ADHD, PANS/PANDAS, anxiety, depression, and autoimmune illnesses.

Dr. Song created Healthy Kids, Happy Kids to share her advice and adventures as a holistic pediatrician and mama. Now everyone can have their very own virtual holistic pediatrician! You can connect with her on her website, Healthy Kids Happy Kids, on Facebook and Instagram.