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On today’s episode Dr. Elana interviews Lopa van der Mersch, owner and founder of Rasa. A mama herself, Lopa created a line of adaptogenic coffee alternatives that give you regenerative energy that won’t cause you to crash and burn. This episode discusses the pitfalls of relying on caffeine for energy and how to feel energized without resorting to caffeine and instead using adaptogenic herbs.  All moms and moms-to-be can benefit from listening to this episode! 

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Topics Discussed:

  • Why Lopa created Rasa and how it has been supporting mamas
  • Details about the herbs chosen for each blend
  • What adaptogens are and why they benefit moms 
  • Pitfalls of relying on caffeine for energy 
  • How to feel energized without resorting to caffeine 

This episode's guest

Lopa is the founder and CEO of Rasa, a brand making adaptogens accessible through holistically-balanced tonic adaptogenic coffee alternatives…while bringing some much-needed humor and realness to wellness. Growing a start-up from launch to breakeven in 8 months, while attachment-parenting two tiny humans (3 & 1), is no easy feat, and Lopa credits a steady diet of adaptogens, integrity, and playfulness as being key to Rasa’s success (and her not going completely insane in the process).

Lopa’s past is a wild ride that includes: dropping out of college to caretake a wildlife refuge, a short stint as a British dancing lady, cremating dead bodies, being the Biochar Queen who worked with Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room and spoke at TEDx, joining two cults (which offered both real spiritual value and real trauma), traveling the world, and finally, starting Rasa. Her love of business and adaptogens is only matched by her passion for tea ceremony and her knack for often-inappropriate humor, thanks to the sarcastic 12-year-old that lives inside her.