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Stephanie chats with Misha Collins from the hit TV show Supernatural and his wife, journalist, and historian Vicki Collins about their new book, The Adventurous Eater’s Club. They discuss how grounding family meals are for kids, struggles many parents face when trying to introduce healthy food and provide practical tips to reduce mealtime battles. They share how to welcome kids into the kitchen by inviting them to become adventurous cooks and lifelong food lovers.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How even without a home, Misha always had a family dinner
  • What happened when Misha and Vicki let their kids take the lead with food
  • What cooking looks like when young kids take the lead
  • The importance of creating your own family food guidelines
  • Fun, kid-friendly recipe ideas you can try at home 
  • What Misha and Vicki want parents to know who are feeling frustrated with mealtime

This episode's guest

Misha Collins is known for starring in the longest running genre TV show, Supernatural, and his unique activism. His first book, The Adventurous Eaters Club, chronicles his family’s adventures in food and their journey from stressful meals to joyful, healthy food.