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Stephanie chats with Crystal Clancy, LMFT, about how your relationship with your mother can impact your own mothering process. We discuss how this “mother wound” often manifests after your baby is born, how it impacts your thoughts and beliefs around yourself and your parenting, and what you can do starting the healing process.

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Topics Discussed:

  • What is the “mother wound” and “father wound”
  • How this can impact our thoughts and beliefs about parenting
  • How this can influence our behaviors as parents
  • How to heal from the “mother/father wound”
  • Considerations for including parents during labor, delivery, and early postpartum
  • How to break the cycle and empower our children

This episode's guest

Crystal Clancy, LMFT, has a private practice specializing in perinatal mental health. She is one of the founding members of Pregnancy and Postpartum Support MN, which is the Minnesota State Chapter of PSI. She has been a PSI State Coordinator for 5 years. She is married and the mother of a son and a daughter.