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Stephanie chats with Nadine Rich of Teton Waters Ranch to discuss strategies for getting healthy meals on the table in no time flat. Nadine is a busy mama of three, works full-time, and recently completed a #breastfeedingWhole30. She shares her favorite #breastfeedingWhole30 non-scale victories (#NSV) and best tips for keeping milk supply strong! They also talk about the importance of choosing quality animal protein and explore concepts like regenerative agriculture and animal welfare. If you’re on a budget, you’ll love the tips for keeping costs down so it’s more accessible. 

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Topics Discussed:

  • Whole family meal solutions for busy moms
  • Tips for #breastfeedingWhole30
  • How to purchase grass-fed meat while on a budget
  • Teton Waters Ranch commitment to being better for you, the planet, and the animals
  • How to understand labels so you get what you pay for
  • Benefits of plant-based burgers blends (mushrooms + beef)

This episode's guest

Nadine Rich is currently the Director of Marketing at Teton Waters Ranch, a marketer of 100% grass-fed and finished beef products. A dynamo in her field, Nadine has 18 years of experience growing household brands, with an innate talent for creating and launching innovative new food products. Prior to her role at Teton Waters Ranch, Nadine served as Vice President of Marketing for a disruptive, healthy vending start-up. She previously led teams at Tyson Foods and Kraft, innovating products for Hillshire, Jimmy Dean and Jell-O. Originally from Philly, Nadine now lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband James and three little ones – Harlan, Adeline and Nora. She enjoys running, baking, hiking and yoga, and is working hard to master the art of traveling with young children.