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Dr. Elana interviews Dr. Erin Psota, Canadian naturopathic doctor and mother who had to navigate life for 2 months in the NICU with her first born child. This episode may be a tear jerker for some of you mamas, but it sure is a great resource to support you parents who have or are currently navigating life in the NICU. Dr. Psota’s story may be unique in that she had some time before she delivered to plan for her NICU experience. If your story is similar, or you have mama friends with a similar story, you will want to hear how she gracefully navigated the NICU.

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Topics Discussed:

  • A heartfelt story about navigating life for 2 months in the NICU
  • What a day to day mom’s schedule looks like
  • Ways to best support your child in the NICU
  • What you can expect with feeding your NICU baby
  • How to be your child’s best advocate while in the NICU
  • How to support a mama friend who may be navigating the NICU
  • What a Canadian hospital NICU experience was like
  • Resources for mamas and more

This episode's guest

Dr. Erin Psota ND is a Toronto-based Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on children’s health, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. She is committed to guiding parents through the maze of health care decisions so they can rest easy knowing they’re doing the best they can for their children. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Waterloo, she completed her medical studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2005. Following three years of private practice she completed a selective Pediatric Residency in 2010 at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.