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On today’s episode, Steph interviews Alexandra Samuel-Sturgess about improving birth outcomes for Black moms and babies. In the United States today, Black women are four times more likely to die from childbirth than white mothers, and Black mothers experience twice the rate of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. As clinically trained social worker, Alex works to improve the Black maternal health crisis by empowering Black women through education and advocacy on pregnancy and postpartum health. She provides holistic pregnancy and postpartum support for Black mothers, ensuring that Black mothers understand their birthing options and feel empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Alexandra’s personal and professional connection to the topic
  • Black maternal health crisis: What is it?
  • What studies show are the reasons for Black birth disparities
  • How to choose and work with providers
  • What to do if you experience discrimination
  • The need for more Black-centered care
  • Resources to help empower Black mothers

This episode's guest

Alexandra Samuel-Sturgess is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 16 years of mental health experience. Alexandra is passionate about creating solutions to empower black women when it comes to better health care and  birth outcomes. Alexandra is the founder of Spirited by Truth, a private practice located in Ontario, CA, and she specializes in perinatal mental health. Alexandra creates a safe space in her practice for black women to focus on their healing. Spirited by Truth came to fruition due to the overwhelming need to provide holistic pregnancy and postpartum mental health services catered to the needs of black women. Alexandra is passionate about prenatal and postpartum education and providing culturally responsive treatment for black women seeking mental health services. Alexandra is the Postpartum Support International Coordinator for San Bernardino County and is a Black Maternal Mental Health Advocate. At Spirited by Truth, she provides education, a sense of community, and support for expecting black mothers to assist in the fight toward healthier birth outcomes for black women and infants.