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On today’s episode, Dr. Elana interviews probiotic expert, Dr. Leah Linder. Dr. Linder is the science and education manager for Klaire Labs, one of the leading probiotic manufacturers in the world. This episode covers common questions about probiotic types and usage. We discuss how to evaluate the quality of a probiotic and how to choose the best one for various ages and health concerns for mama and baby.

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Topics Discussed:

  • What to look for in a high quality probiotic
  • The best time to take probiotics
  • How to choose probiotics for our infants and children
  • Which probiotics to take while on antibiotics
  • New probiotic to prevent and treat mastitis
  • The link between probiotics and allergies/immune support
  • Difference between spore based probiotics and prebiotics
  • Probiotics to support depression and anxiety

Show Notes:

This episode's guest

Leah Linder, ND received her Cell and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry dual-BS from Fort Lewis College and her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from Bastyr University. Clinician, author, educator and speaker, Dr. Linder has a true passion for the effective use and application of natural medicine. She currently serves as Science and Education Manager for Klaire Labs, and is the owner of a naturopathic functional medicine clinic that focuses on restoring and re-balancing the body to treat chronic ailments. You may learn more about Dr Linder and her work at