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Alexandra Sacks, M.D discusses the transition to motherhood like you’ve never heard it before. She and Steph openly explore topics around parenthood that are typically not discussed in an extremely relatable way. They also share practical steps that you can implement today in your transition to motherhood.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Reproductive psychiatry: what it is and how Dr. Sacks got started in the field
  • Matrescence: what it is and what it feels like
  • Why discomfort doesn’t always mean disorder
  • How social media and talk therapy can help this transition
  • How to hold onto your identity during the motherhood transition
  • Advice to support you and your partner during the pregnancy/parenthood transition

This episode's guest

Alexandra Sacks, M.D. is widely recognized as the leading clinical expert on matrescence: the developmental transition into motherhood, and her TED talk on this topic has over one million views worldwide. She has spent the last decade of her career helping women navigate their emotional lives as a reproductive psychiatrist. She is a regular contributor to the New York Times, and her work has been featured in TIME, NPR and throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. In April 2019, Dr. Sacks will publish her first co-authored book, What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood (Simon and Schuster).