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On today’s episode, Dr. Elana interviews Dr. Becky Campbell who specializes in Thyroid disease. We discuss how thyroid disease affects women during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum stages. We will talk about why as mamas we are so susceptible to thyroid disease postpartum and what you can do about it if you already have symptoms and signs.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Why Hashimoto’s is common during pregnancy and postpartum
  • The connection between the gut, immune system and hormones  
  • Steps to take for prevention of Hashimoto’s
  • Labs to ask your doctor to order
  • The relationship between Hashimoto’s, unexplained weight gain, stress, and cortisol
  • The difference between conventional thyroid medication and alternative methods
  • Postpartum thyroiditis and how common it is
  • How postpartum thyroiditis can mask postpartum depression
  • How to get your Hashimoto’s into remission

This episode's guest

Dr. Becky Campbell is a board-certified doctor of natural medicine who was initially introduced to functional medicine as a patient. She struggled with many of the issues her patients struggle with today, and she has made it her mission to help patients all around the world with her virtual practice. Dr. Becky Campbell is the founder of Dr. Becky and author of “The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan.” She specializes in Thyroid disease, Autoimmune disease and Histamine Intolerance and hopes to help others regain their life as functional medicine helped her regain hers.