It’s day 30 of the #JanuaryWhole30, so it’s time to start evaluating and sharing your experience. Your first impulse on Day 31 might be to hop out of bed and directly on to the scale. Hold up a minute, mama! First, take a few minutes to reflect on your non-scale victories and celebrate those. Remember: you can achieve very real benefits from the Whole30 while still seeing the number on the scale go up throughout your pregnancy.

The focus of a Whole30 reset is not weight loss. The program was designed to reset your health, your habits and your relationship with food. This makes it an excellent fit for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas, who (in general) do not have weight loss as their primary goal. Instead, you’re concerned with overall health and wellness, and with sustaining the beautiful life (or lives) that depend on your body for sustenance.

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Want to know what non-scale victories other mamas experienced this time around? We asked our Instagram community and the mamas in our private Facebook group for their favorite non-scale victories. Here’s what they’ve experienced.


Fewer blemishes (for mama and baby!) – “I am already noticing my face is clearer which is great.” Abbie E.

No more under-eye circles | Less swelling

Clothes fitting better – “I wore pre-pregnancy jeans today!” – Lauren C.

Leaner appearance – “A few people have told me my face looks thinner (they don’t know I’m pregnant either so felt pretty good!).” – Rachel P.

Fewer PMS symptoms – “I realized that I should currently be “PMS-ing”, but haven’t been having any of my usual symptoms like bloating, sugar cravings, breakouts and mood swings!” – Meghan M

Less painful joints | Less constipation, gas or bloating | Fewer headaches | Less heartburn | Improved blood sugar regulation


Energy levels are higher – “I went to the playground with the kids and I climbed on all the equipment! – @christinesmith2377 on IG

You need less sugar/caffeine to prop up energy levels | You feel energetic between meals

Mood, Emotion, and Psychology

You’re more patient – “I’m much more patient with my boys.” Erin D

You’re less anxious | You’re happier | Fewer mood swings  | Fewer carb and/or sugar cravings

Improved body image – “I am feeling super confident right now.” Lindsay R.

Brain Function

Clearer thinking – “Better mental clarity for me,and better mood overall.” Katherine H.

Higher productivity – “I’m noticing that I’ve been getting a lot more of my daily to-do list done, which I’m counting as a NSV.” – Lauren W.


You fall asleep more easily – “Falling asleep quickly has been a HUGE NSV for me!” – Stephanie B.

You sleep more soundly | Fewer night cramps

You awaken feeling refreshed – “I’m sleeping well and waking up energized.” – Erin D.

Food and behaviors

Learned how to read a label | Listening to your body

Practicing mindful eating –  “I threw all the remaining ‘food with no brakes’ in the TRASH!! I’m realizing my poor relationship with food is going to take much longer to heal.” – Ashley Z.

No longer afraid of dietary fat | Don’t use food as stress management

Healthy strategies to deal with cravings –  “Still struggling with the snacking after breakfast thing a bit but I am walking away from my desk when I get the urge.” – Anna Z.

When you do indulge, it’s deliberate and you savor it

Lifestyle and Social

You are Whole30 – “This way of eating seems to just be a way of life these days” – Courtney J.

New healthy habits to pass down to your kids – “I feel amazing. My daughters snacking on carrots and sugar snap peas. My husband and I prep healthy meals together. And for the first time in a long time, I feel in control of my food choices.” – @journeyto_130 on IG

You/your kids tastes have changed | Meal prep is organized and efficient

Healthy eating habits have brought your family closer – “My husband realizes all the work in the kitchen that I’m doing so he cooked dinner last night and breakfast this morning! ” Theresa Y.

More knowledgeable about nutrition –  “Just had a prenatal check up! Baby is great, but the fun part was chatting with my doctor. She told me SHE IS DOING THE WHOLE30 (her 5th time) so it made me feel confident in telling her I was doing it and she was super supportive!” – Lori S.

People come to you for health, food, or lifestyle advice – “My parent who has been VERY against the Whole30 texted me tonight and asked if I would teach her about it and help her start it next time we’re home! I nearly cried!” – Lori S.