We are in the home stretch of the #JanuaryWhole30, so it’s time to start evaluating and sharing your experience.

The focus of a Whole30 reset is not weight loss; instead, it is an opportunity to reset your health, your habits and your relationship with food. This makes it an excellent fit for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas. In most instances, your primary goal as a pregnant or breastfeeding mama is not to lose weight. Instead, you’re concerned with overall health and wellness, and with sustaining the beautiful lives that depend on your body for sustenance.

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Instead of waking up on Day 31 of your Whole30 and hopping directly on the scale, take a few minutes to reflect on your non-scale victories and celebrate those. Remember: you can achieve very real benefits from the Whole30 while still seeing that number go up throughout your pregnancy.

We asked our Instagram community and the mamas in our private Facebook group for their favorite non-scale victories. Here’s what they’ve experienced.

Physical – Outside

Physical NSV










  • Fewer blemishes (for mama and baby!): “Loving how great the baby’s skin is looking. She is benefiting from this too, for sure.” – Linda M., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • No more under-eye circles
  • Brighter eyes
  • Rings fitting better: “So thrilled that I can still put my rings on! Before Whole30 I battled every day to get them off, now they just slip on and off no problem!” – Dena B., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • Less swelling: “Biggest for me was swelling in hands and feet! I was worried at 6 months I would be swollen in discomfort for the next 3 months. Two days in to Whole30 both issues completely gone and have stayed gone.” -Andrea H., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member

Physical – Inside

  • Less painful joints
  • Less constipation, gas or bloating
  • Fewer headaches: “I woke up today on day six without a headache for what is probably the first time in a month!” – Lindsay R., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • Less heartburn
  • Improved blood sugar regulation
  • Increased breast milk supply: “Not only did Whole30 increase my milk supply, but my son’s reflux stopped. He had been spitting up every time he nursed since he was born. During and after Whole30, he didn’t spit up at all.” – @hamrickwhole30 on Instagram











  • Energy levels are higher: “Tiger blood! After taking a rescue pup for a 3 mile walk, I went out for a 4 mile run and clocked a PR!” – Michelle H., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • You need less sugar/caffeine to prop up energy levels
  • You feel energetic between meals: “Over the last two days I’ve made sure to include nutrient dense carbs at every meal and I feel like I have so much more energy. Huge win for this nursing mom!” – Christina R., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member

Mood, Emotion, and Psychology

  • You’re happier: “My temper has changed. I feel happy and energized.” – @whole30racke on Instagram
  • You’re more patient
  • You’re less anxious
  • Fewer mood swings
  • Fewer carb/sugar cravings: “NSV: made a goal last Sunday not to reach for raisins when I’m craving something sweet and haven’t done it all week – I think my sugar dragon might just be quieted a little.” – Andrea H., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • Improved body image

Brain Function

  • Clearer thinking
  • Higher productivity


  • You fall asleep more easily: “I’m on day 13, and heading into my 31st week of pregnancy! Feeling amazing. Already sleeping deeper at night and not needing a daily midday nap.” – @janinepuzas on Instagram
  • You sleep more soundly: “I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and my sleep has been the best I’ve had in 6 months!” – @jrg126 on Instagram
  • You awaken feeling refreshed
  • Fewer night cramps

Food and behaviors

Veggie NSV










  • Reduction in disordered eating habits: “I used to have disordered eating and the Whole30 helped me conquer habits I never thought I’d be rid of. It’s been at least 4 years, but I’ll never forget how much the program really helped me take control of my life.” – Laura, Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • Learned how to read a label
  • Listening to your body: “A win for me was having the time to sit and eat each meal today in proper Whole30 fashion. I don’t often get the luxury of eating slowly and listening to my satiety signals.” – Michelle H., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • No longer afraid of dietary fat
  • Don’t use food as stress management
  • Fewer cravings: “I feel like I finally am not emotionally controlled by the awful sugar dragon. This was my first successful Whole30 after multiple failed attempts. Moms, raising kids is hard work! You’re doing great and you deserve to stay true to your commitment to yourself.” – @hillarymarching on Instagram
  • When you do indulge, it’s deliberate and you savor it

Lifestyle and Social

  • New healthy habits to pass down to your kids: “[Meal prep] took longer than usual with a clingy little one hanging on my hip, but we made do! I don’t mind when she watches me prep food – it’s all about exposing her at a young age!” – Brittany B., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • You/your kids tastes have changed: “The best NSV is that my daughter has loved every Whole30 food we’ve given her.” – Theresa Y., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • More knowledge about nutrition: “I like being able to think through a plate now to know if it’s balanced and if not what to add (even if it doesn’t ‘go’ together) knowing that if I have a balanced plate I won’t be hungry later and want to grab snackies! It’s a good feeling!” – Andrea H., Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program Member
  • Meal prep is organized and efficient: “I’m very proud that my husband and I ate our way through our fridge of prepped meals and massive amounts of produce. It felt great to not have to throw away any spoiled veggies for a change. Small victory and I’ll take it.” – @rachelyuengaetz on Instagram
  • You’ve joined a new community
  • People come to you for health, food, or lifestyle advice