Recently, a mama in our private Whole Mamas FB group asked if anyone had suggestions for packable lunches for her husband who works in construction and has no way to warm up food for lunch. Another amazing member, Christy C., answered with some amazing advice for no heat Whole30 lunches from her personal experience as an equine veterinarian, and we knew we had to share it beyond our FB group. Today we’re sharing advice from Christy, in her own words. You can follow along with Christy and her assistant dog’s adventures on Instagram @frankywiththegoodhair.

Do you need no heat Whole30 lunches like I do?

I work outside as an equine veterinarian, and lunches are my hardest hurdle. The lettuce wraps can be difficult and unappetizing after sitting in a lunchbox all morning. Tepid soup can be depressing. Over time and through successful Whole30s, I have learned what foods work cold and what ones are better eaten by someone with access to a microwave.

Breakfast is important! If you can get a satiating breakfast in before you head out the door, you’re going to be way more successful the rest of the day. It might help to prep breakfast the night before or on the weekend for the whole week. Mini frittatas in a muffin tins work well for portability!

Some of my go-to meals:

  • Salad with dressing on the side in a separate container
  • Tuna salad with chopped onions, celery and carrots
  • Chicken breast or lean pork chop from dinner the night before with lightly steamed veggies. Compliant sauce (BBQ or ketchup are my faves) makes it easier to eat!
  • Leftover steak (without a lot of fat in it) isn’t bad cold
  • Green beans with hard boiled eggs, cooked white potatoes, and romaine lettuce with lemon vinaigrette is one of my favorites

In general, avoid fatty meats like chicken thighs or drier meat like pork tenderloin. They tend to be gross cold. So are overcooked veggies, so keep them fairly crisp. Some meals translate into great cold leftovers, like buffalo chicken and mashed sweet potatoes with compliant ranch dressing (we love Primal Kitchen’s). This takes trial and error to learn what you like, though.

Need a few more ideas for no heat Whole30 lunches? Judith’s picnic ideas just might work for you, too!

Snacks are key

Snacks are key. Pack two more than you think you’ll need. You get hungry out there, especially in colder weather, and without a quick snack to eat in between jobs, the temptation to stop and grab something is hard to overcome. My go to snacks:

  • Compliant Lara bars
  • Compliant meat sticks or bars
  • Cut up raw veggies (red peppers, carrots, celery) with ranch for dipping
  • Hard boiled eggs (packed with a salt grinder)

Check out Heather’s idea for ways to keep your fridge and pantry stocked with easy snacks.

Don’t forget utensils, or all is for naught. I keep a box of plastic forks in my work truck just in case.