In the four months since we launched our Healthy Mama, Happy Baby program, we’ve heard from many mamas who are using the program to have a pregnancy experience that fits their definition of healthy. And, we’ve also heard from women who purchase the program because they are planning to become pregnant, and they want to educate themselves in the months before they conceive.

We’ve received valuable feedback from doctors, registered dietitians and birth educators who tell us that HMHB is the most useful, organized and comprehensive pregnancy education program they’ve ever seen. Today, sharing some of those testimonies from our current HMHB mamas and health experts. We’ve also heard from women who aren’t sure if the HMHB program is right for them, and would like to preview the program. We’re making the Pregnancy Diets chapter available as a free resource for all mamas. We hope you’ll watch the video, download the handout, browse through the resource and action guide, and decide that Healthy Mama, Happy Baby is right for you.

In Their Own Words

HMHB March Blog 1 Here’s what some of our current HMHB mamas are saying about the program: Corey G. “I joined the VIP program just days after finding out I was pregnant. My doctor had warned me it would be hard for me to conceive, so the news of my pregnancy shocked me. I felt lost, scared, unprepared and completely clueless about pregnancy. Through the private Facebook group, Stephanie has been an amazing help and encouragement to me. That alone is worth the price of the program. The other day, my husband told me glad he is that we chose the VIP program. The Whole30 has already changed our lives. We have a much better understanding of how our bodies relate to the food we eat. We now have privilege of gaining the same type of knowledge about the development of our baby. It is invaluable to have the knowledge and support of a registered dietitian who believes in whole food nutrition during this experience. We can’t thank Stephanie and the Whole30 crew enough for creating this awesome program.” Jessica J. “The Health Mama, Happy Baby VIP program has been my go-to guide for questions about all things pregnancy related. I love having resources like the handbook, webinars and Facebook group that I can trust and are focused on the type of pregnancy I wish to have. When I have a question or concern, I know I can either quickly find an answer in the handbook or contact Steph through the Facebook group. If I didn’t have these resources, I’m sure I would spend hours searching the internet and agonizing over the results.” Leah E “I am so excited to be a part of the HMHB program during my first pregnancy.  Stephanie offers valuable information on nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements and so many other topics.  The videos are great to watch at your convenience and handy reference sheets are available also.  In the VIP Facebook group, Stephanie offers knowledge and support to all of the members. There are so many choices we have to make as pregnant women. Stephanie does not come off judgmental, but instead she offers solid information and backs up her positions with sound reasoning. She listens to the feedback of the group and keeps the information relevant and timely. I highly recommend the HMHB program to anyone who is planning to become pregnant as well as pregnant mamas who are interested in giving their precious baby the best possible start to life.” Theresa Y. “I’m glad I purchased Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby program, despite the fact that I was nearly in my 3rd trimester when the program began. There are great tools available, ranging from videos to grocery lists to registry recommendations. The VIP Facebook support group is a great place to connect with other mamas. It is a place where I feel safe and comfortable sharing about my lifestyle choices and preferences. Hopefully you will agree when you join us!” And here is what the experts think: Jolene Brighten2 Jolene Brighten, ND HMHB virtual pregnancy handbook is an excellent resource for moms-to-be who are looking for incredible and reputable nutrition advice. Stephanie’s warm and balanced approach to explaining many of the questions women face during pregnancy creates a space where a mom can feel educated and empowered to make the best decision for her health and baby’s. Each video is packed full of valuable information in easy to digest segments with actionable items to get you implementing everything you’ve learned. The HMHB handbook can help you navigate through the endless information to understand how you can best serve your body.  Jennifer Zeidberg, MD, FACOG “It is with great pleasure that I recommend the Healthy Mama, Happy Baby program. After seeing all of Stephanie’s research and evidence based recommendations, I can say that it will help you and your pregnancy immensely.

Staying healthy, both mentally and physically, is tantamount to a successful pregnancy.  Stephanie’s program will help guide you along, from pre-conception, all the way through to breast feeding. Her step by step plan will help you achieve your goals.  As an OB/Gyn, I am grateful that she has spent the time to give you unprecedented access to real time advice on issues that your providers may either not know about, or not have time to answer as completely as she has. 

Stephanie’s approach is from a kind and supportive place.  She is a positive and motivating speaker who will cheer you on as you go.  Because of this combination of evidence based recommendations, easy access, and support, I think you will undoubtedly learn and become a comfortable and confident healthy parent. Cori Gentry, BBCI, Certified Natural Childbirth Educator “The Healthy Mama, Happy Baby program is the most comprehensive prenatal program I have seen during my time as a natural childbirth educator and birth advocate. Optimal nutrition in pregnancy is the foundation for a safe and satisfying birth experience, a healthy baby, and a physically and emotionally prepared mama. When expecting women have energy and are comfortable, they are less likely to choose interventions at the end of pregnancy that may increase risks to them and their baby. This program helps parents make healthy and informed decisions for themselves and their babies.”

A Healthy Mama, Happy Baby Preview

Have you ever wondered if the Healthy Mama, Happy Baby program is right for you? We’re making our chapter on Pregnancy Diets available to you as a free resource and preview. In this video and the accompanying resources, registered dietitian Stephanie Greunke explains and compares pregnancy diets that may be suggested to you by your medical caregiver and others. Click here to access all of our information about Pregnancy Diets, including the video, a printable handout and our bonus resources and action guide.

We offer two Healthy Mama, Happy Baby packages so that you can choose the level of  access that best suits your needs. Click here to compare our Standard and VIP packages. Have a question about Healthy Mama, Happy Baby? Email us at Join Now

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