Have you had the experience of going to create your baby registry, standing in the aisle of a big box store, and feeling paralyzed by all of the choices?  So have we, and we want to help you out. Welcome to our Whole Mamas Must-Haves series, where we share our recommendations for all baby-related products! Today we’re sharing about baby shower gifts.

From Chelsea: I asked our mamas (on Instagram) to share their favorite baby shower gifts to buy and receive. The response was overwhelming! Apparently our mamas have a lot of opinions on this topic, and, being a mom myself, I am right there with you.

There are so many products out there for moms and babies, so Steph and I sifted through and chose some of our favorites to help guide you the next time you get an invitation to celebrate a sweet, new life.

Help for Mama

Postpartum mamas have so many responsibilities: to their newborn, to their older kiddos and partner, and to themselves. Think about gifts that make the several weeks postpartum a little easier.

Mama Pampering

  • “Massage and pedicure gift cert!” – @megan.taylor.ssekabira
  • “I have given a gift certificate for a prenatal massage for some mommy pampering!” – @mullenfam3

Household and childcare help

  • “A cleaning service gift card would be an incredible gift to receive.” – @brittanycouchaho
  • “Amazon prime. I had no idea how much I needed it until the littles were here, I was beyond exhausted and suddenly, out of paper towels”. – @mcmossy
  • Hire a postnatal doula who will come help with baby and household duties

Steph says, “My favorite thing to get when my second born was the gift of help with my toddler so that I could be with my newborn and heal.”

Nourishing Meals

Here at Whole Mamas HQ, we value healthy, nutrient-dense food for all mamas, but especially during the postpartum period.

  • “For my second child my mom threw me a freezer meal shower. LIFE. SAVER.” – @graceandpeas
  • “MEALS (#Whole30 compliant, obviously).” – @smurfchefsf
  • “As a mother of multiple kids, I saw what I thought was the best baby shower idea. Everyone brings an ingredient they have been assigned and then the ‘shower’ involves the mass production of various freezer meals while the Mama to be relaxes and chats and snacks. That would be my dream shower.” – @thesandpointlife
  • “A few deliveries of Blue Apron meals.” – @mullenfam3
  • A subscription to Real Plans
  • A membership to Thrive Market (with some credit to get started, as well!)
  • Gift cards to Whole Foods or your favorite local health food store

Chelsea says,There are some great options for pre-made meal delivery services, depending on your location. Pre-made Paleo ships to all 50 states!”

Practical Items for Mama and Baby

Moms of multiple kids tend to agree: the best gifts are the practical gifts. Here’s what these pro-mamas recommend:

  • “So not exciting, but after discovering the NoseFrida snot sucker with my 4th baby, I’ve determined that it would be an awesome and very useful shower gift!” – @janelleeweaver
  • A white noise machine! And a few books that helped give me more comfort than Google in the wee small hours of the morning, such as The Wonder Weeks, What to Expect the First Year, and The Fourth Trimester.” – @jill88williams
  • “If they are nursing, a breast milk saver/let down catcher like the Milkie.” – @kylevanderveer
  • “After having 2 kids, I say go practical. Diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, and all different brands. Not all diapers have the same fit…you never know when a mom might just need a product switch, guaranteed if she has another option on hand she will try it.” – @justkarissadawn
  • “The top things that I have received and now give are: 1. A huge Hydroflask with a straw top lid–great for one handed use while nursing, 2. Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter, 3. Baby-friendly stain remover, 4. Amazon gift card for all the things.” – @dfargen

Looking for more ideas? We have an entire page dedicated to products we love!


We saw so many fun ideas for themed gift baskets for mama and baby. Here’s a few that you suggested and we loved:

  • “Check out ITAV Box! They have “newborn survival kits,” which include newborn necessities and covers breastfeeding as well as bottle feeding. We give them away as baby shower gifts all the time!” – @guinn_mums13
  • “I’m a nurse practitioner and I consider myself a practical gift giver at baby showers. Everyone else is usually giving Mom the cutest clothes and trinkets, which is great! I always put together a legit first aid basket with infant Tylenol or Motrin and natural cold remedies, snot suckers, boogie wipes, etc. I like to think it’s the stuff that mom doesn’t know she needs until she needs it… and then she won’t have to go out in the middle of the night (or send Dad!) to get it when baby is sick.” – @emilyannpresley
  • “When I come to visit mom and baby after delivery, I give a little gift for baby and a gift for mom. Usually nursing pads, bath salts, and a nail polish. Just something for mom to feel normal again.” – @karat1003

Whole Mamas Member and Lactation Consultant, Meghan says, “I love to give a breastfeeding survival kit, including nipple balm, breast pads, Whole30 compliant snacks like larabars, a water bottle, dried fruit, a coffee mug(with lid), an extra long cell phone charger, and mother’s milk tea.”

Favorite to give

Many mamas shared that they took note when they got a gift they loved—and then they started buying it for other mamas.

  • “Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter! Saved my life when I was nursing. The stuff the hospital gave me didn’t help at all!” @katiebellward
  • “I like to sew so I give handmade baby quilts as gifts.” – @katiemowdy
  • “My absolute favorite to gift to another mama is a necklace from @thejonesmarket.” – @skallmon
  • “If the mom likes to cook, I like to give a cookbook with quick recipes and some bibs for babe.” – @okieamy
  • “I love giving a @sollybabywrap. Wearing baby on you is just the best.” – @katieketterl
  • “Beautycounter baby line! Beautiful products without all the chemicals, just what our babes’ skin needs.” – @cassidyellensullivan
  • “My favorite baby items: Dockatot, Milksnob nursing cover, washable changing pads, and onesies.” – @tirsa_rodfish

Looking for the softest baby clothes around? Our team LOVES Boody Baby.

When in doubt…stick to the registry!

So many mamas agreed on this one point:

  • “My best advice is to stick to the registry (unless you have a specific pro-tip item they’re missing). So many of my friends got tons of cute clothes and NONE of the essentials. My shower is in October and I’m hoping my friends and family buy from my carefully curated list, but we’ll see.” – @aliciabeeee
  • “It’s perfect when people pay attention to the baby registry- and then maybe give something small they picked out themselves.” – @innercurator
  • “Honestly, what is on the registry. I haven’t had my baby shower yet, but I’ve seen so many where mom receives 82929 homemade blankets/clothes, a few cute basic onesies, and maybe a pack of diapers or a couple essentials. I know clothes are fun, but I always think about the fact that baby is going to have a bunch of unused stuff.” – @ally_castaldo
  • “Whatever is on the registry, gift card for Amazon or Target.” – @nmesheallm

The Whole Mamas team recommends… creating an Amazon Baby Registry. You can add items from any website!

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