Have you had the experience of going to create your baby registry, standing in the aisle of a big box store, and feeling paralyzed by all of the choices?  So have we, and we want to help you out. Welcome to our Whole Mamas Must Haves series, where we share our recommendations for all baby-related products!

Today our Whole Mamas team—co-creators Steph Gruenke and Melissa Hartwig Urban; and Chelsea Long, our Content Coordinator—is sharing what they used and loved during their pregnancies; and some of the mamas from our Instagram community are sharing their picks, too.

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Steph recommends:

My husband gifted me the Abundance Boxy Bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom as a Mother’s Day gift before my son was born. We liked its size and durability. We wanted to use it as both a diaper bag and as a purse/travel bag for longer day trips. It’s got tons of space, lots of pockets, a built-in changing station, and it offers multiple carrying options. You can turn it into a backpack, throw it on your stroller, or over your shoulder. The backpack option is perfect when you’re trying to wrangle your busy toddler. Oh, and speaking of toddler, it’s super easy to clean, because you KNOW there will be spills. The bag isn’t cheap, but will last us through multiple years and two kids.

Melissa recommends:

I wanted a diaper bag that looked cool, but not so cool that it didn’t function exactly the way I needed it to. My Skip Hop bag (similar to the Skip Hop Dash Signature Messenger Diaper Bag) was the perfect blend. A million pockets to keep me organized (including side pockets for easy access); a portable changing mat for airplanes and public restrooms; a strap that went around my stroller, leaving me hands-free; and enough room to drop in my personal clutch, so I didn’t have to slug around a purse and a diaper bag. It’s the only diaper bag I ever bought, and it held up so well I was able to gift it to a friend when she had her baby.

Chelsea recommends:

I actually had a similar diaper bag to Melissa! Looking for a diaper bag is tough because they can be so expensive. I decided on the Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag, French Stripe bag. I really liked it, although looking back, a backpack would have been super convenient. One feature that I loved was that the external material was super easy to wipe down when it got dirty. The carrying options (handles or over the shoulder strap) were convenient. I liked that it was cute, but not too girly, so that my husband didn’t mind carrying it. I cloth diapered, and this bag had plenty of room for everything that I needed to carry.

Our mamas recommend:

We tallied the votes, and backpack styles top the list for the mamas in our Instagram community —very on trend right now! What can we say, our mamas are a stylish bunch. Here are a few of their faves and why they’re so great:

Vauva Playback:

  • “My Vauva is cute and just the perfect size! I get so many compliments on it! I highly recommend it!”  – @beccaedginton
  • “Love love love my @vauvapack No falling straps, no losing keys or cell phone, no more getting frustrated at my hubby for not being able to find the binky or my chapstick. Best part is I can keep up with my toddler and not worry about the everyday big bulky diaper bag. Oh and did I mention the style?” – @kelsierios
  • “I can wear it dressed up or down. There’s enough room for everything I need to carry with me for my 2 kids, even my cloth diapers which take up a ton of space. By far the BEST diaper bag for any parent.” – @rebeccarios114
  • “My @vauvapack diaper bag holds everything I need with room to spare. It’s durable as well as stylish. The straps are comfortable and adjust easy. Also holds up in ANY weather – sun, snow, rain!” – @kris10go

Fawn Design Brown:

  • “I wanted a bad that didn’t look ‘diaper-bag-ish’ but rather something that had class/style while also having versatility and comfort. I love that once my kids are older I can still use the bag for work and other actvities! The option of wearing it as a backpack is awesome. I can’t even count the number of compliments I’ve had from mom friends and my friends without kids.” – @leanne_hiebert_arnold

Lily Jade:

  • “They are beautiful and can serve as a purse or diaper bag. I don’t feel frumpy wearing it!It’s also incredibly well made and is made from super soft leather.” – @aleksandrawhiting
  • “I recently upgraded to a @lilyjadeco bag and cannot believe how much I can fit in it in an organized and useable way AND how beautiful it is! Love being able to carry a leather bag again and thrilled that it’s easily converted to a backpack.” – @sarahlynton

JuJuBe Be Right Back:

  • “It’s like the pinnacle of diaper bags. It has everything I wanted and more! Would totally recommend. Best part? When you no longer need it as a diaper bag, it’s a stylish backpack with tons of storage!” – @haylchis
  • “It has a clamshell design which I really like so I don’t have to unpack EVERYTHING every time I need something.” – @wag_2013

For a backpack style diaper bag that’s a little easier on the wallet, check out the CoolBell Baby Diaper Backpack.