This year, our content coordinator, Chelsea is pregnant with twins. We asked our HMHB community on Facebook and Instagram to share their ideas and pictures from past years. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Have another amazing costume idea? Comment over on our Instagram!


Abbie the Koolaid (wo)Man

Lindsey with her husband the doctor

And the next year after her mini-skeletons were born!

Amanda A.K.A. Juno

with her husband A.K.A Paulie Bleeker

Courtney as Miley

…she came in like a wrecking ball



Lynn the Gumball Machine

Linnea and her husband as an avocado

Featuring the cutest Whole30 compliant baby bump ever!

Mama Chelsea’s baby skeleton

And daddy’s … beer gut?

Cortney 2 years later…

With baby #2 on the way!



A few more ideas from the mamas in our community:

  • Paint your belly orange to make it look like a jack-o-lantern
  • Mama with a “bump ahead” sign and your partner can be a construction worker
  • Baby mummy peeking out of mama mummy’s belly
  • Paint your belly to resemble a basketball and your partner can be a referee

What is your costume for this year? Comment over on our Instagram!