Meet Katie T., a mama who reached out to tell us about how the Whole30 benefited her breastfeeding baby. We had to share her inspiring #MyHealthyHappyPostpartum story in her own words. Do you have a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy or Postpartum story to share? Email us at [email protected] or connect with us on Instagram.

In Katie’s Own Words…

I completed my first Whole30 in April of 2016 and loved it. It refocused me and got me back on track to healthy eating after the arrival of my third child. I had more energy, lost about 15 pounds, and was encouraged to keep eating healthy. Then I got pregnant and had severe food aversions and had a hard time getting back on track with my eating.

How the Whole30 Transformed my Baby

I had my fourth baby in February and didn’t worry about what I ate postpartum because of breastfeeding and just trying to get through the day with sleep deprivation and four kids under six! Unfortunately, my baby has pretty severe food allergies. I was breastfeeding her, and she was experiencing pain, gas, congestion, wheezing, and spitting up. In the past I’ve eliminated dairy while breastfeeding, but with my fourth, even that didn’t help.

At four-and-a-half months postpartum, we were still struggling to find a solution. I finally bit the bullet and tried another Whole30 reset. After a few days, she was a different baby. By the end of the thirty days, she no longer dealt with much gas, her wheezing lessened remarkably, she slept so much better, and she transitioned to normal feeding times. I think that the Whole30 has changed my baby, and my family is so grateful! I’ll be continuing to eat a 100% Whole30 diet until I wean her, so I have a long 7 months ahead, but I am so thankful for the Whole30 and how it has made my baby a happier child.

How the Whole Transformed Me

I didn’t have as much energy at the end of my second reset (probably because I have an infant and I don’t get regular sleep) but I don’t have the mid-afternoon energy slump anymore. I lost 15 pounds, and I’m hoping to keep up the trend of losing weight because I had 4 kids in 5 years and the weight just kept creeping on. I can’t wait to actually be back to where I started 5 years ago, all while adding more energy and nutrient-dense foods into the mix.

We moved from Texas to Australia in 2016, so I miss out so much of the Whole30 Approved products since they aren’t available here. I miss some of the convenience foods, but I know that cooking it the old-fashioned way will be worth it in the long run. After my cravings left, eating healthy just became a way of life.

We entertain a lot, so we often have desserts in the house. Before Whole30, I found I had little to no self control. Now, we can have desserts in the house, and I won’t snack on them. I’m getting more used to eating this way as time goes on. It’s not as hard for me to come up with food to eat, and it’s not hard to refuse food I can’t eat. It makes it all worth it when I see my baby’s smile and know she’s not in pain anymore.

My Advice for Breastfeeding Mamas

Breastfeeding was my biggest concern this time around. My baby is still exclusively breastfed and will be for a couple more months. Even after she starts solids, I plan on breastfeeding her until she’s at least one. With that in mind, I want to continue to eat foods that help her system, not hinder her system, but also foods that increase my milk production.

I eat about a potato a day for carbs, and an avocado a day for a good supply of fats. I can’t eat nuts because my baby has a reaction to them. I haven’t noticed a decrease in supply, which is something I’m very thankful for. I love being able to eat as much as I want until I’m full, and I make sure and drink plenty of water every day. Seriously, if I start getting hungry, I eat fruit or make an egg because I know I need to keep up my milk supply, so I need the calories. And for this busy mom, eggs are my lifeline. Where would I be without this clean-eating fast food?

Please note, this is Katie’s experience, in her own words. The Whole30 is not a medical diagnostic tool, nor a replacement for working with a qualified healthcare practitioner. Speak with your doctor before beginning any new dietary or lifestyle program. Your results may vary.