This month, as our community journeys together through the January Whole30, we are focusing on positive body image in every season. While trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and through postpartum, you may be watching your body change in ways that feel out of your control. For some women this can cause struggles with trusting, honoring, and loving your body.

We encourage you to focus on non-scale victories throughout the month. We believe you can be healthy, thriving, and kind to yourself no matter the size of your body. Nutritious eating serves you in so many ways, from mood, to energy, and beyond. For a complete list of NSVs to be on the watch for, click here. This week, we share some favorite non-scale victories (NSVs) from members of our Whole Mamas Pregnancy Program community. 

Please remember, these are the experiences of individual women in their own words; your experience may vary. Always consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for your own situation, or if you have any questions regarding conception, pregnancy, or your prenatal treatment plan.

Defining Whole30 Success: Preconception

“The absolute best feeling for me is when I realize that my body and brain are not craving sugar.” – Jane T.

“Better mental clarity for me, and better mood overall.” Kate H.

“I’m waking up without the alarm clock at 6:30AM every morning.” – Kelsey W.

“Completing 3 Whole30s while TTC prepared me more than I can imagine. I was extremely nervous about being able to accept my belly growing but by using the tools I’ve learned through the Whole 30 community I have gained the confidence to fully embrace the changes.” – Meghan J.

“I am feeling super confident right now.” Lindsay R.

Defining Whole30 Success: Pregnancy

“I have more energy to keep up with my 3 year old, my pregnancy cravings are in check, and no issues with blood pressure this time (not sure if that was directly Whole30 related but it didn’t hurt!)” – Lauren H.

“I had gestational diabetes and was on insulin. No matter what I did I couldn’t get my fasting blood sugar below 90. Nothing worked until I did my pregnant Whole30. My fasting numbers went from the 90’s to the 70’s, and I was able to go off insulin, which my doctor said was almost unheard of.” – Courtney C.

“I did a pregnant Whole30 and it helped with body positivity.  I always feel my best and feel like I look my best during a Whole30 (even though I have never lost weight while doing one). During my modified pregnant Whole30, I have never felt more beautiful and grateful for my body.” – Chloe B.

“I never experienced ‘tiger blood’ before my pregnant Whole30, but during my pregnancy the amount of energy I had was NIGHT AND DAY; I didn’t need daily naps during my pregnant Whole30.” – Chelsea L.

“Biggest for me was swelling in hands and feet! I was worried at 6 months I would be swollen in discomfort for the next 3 months. Two days in to Whole30 both issues completely gone and have stayed gone.” -Andrea H.

Defining Whole30 Success: Postpartum

“My favorite postpartum NSV was being able to wear my wedding band again.” Lori S.

“My first Whole30 was when my first was 11 months old. I had a clear mind for the first time in a year! My skin cleared, my energy increased, and my sleep felt more restful. I would bound out of bed in the morning, even though I was still up a couple times a night.” – Katie F.

“Hands down, my favorite non-scale victory with the Whole30 is an overall sunnier outlook on life. Eating Whole30 lessens my depression and anxiety and restores some of the confidence I have lost along the way.” – Jordan L.

Defining Whole30 Success: Breastfeeding

“Breastfeeding Whole30 at 7 mo NSV was waking up every morning feeling rested and energized even though I was not sleeping much due to nursing a teething baby all night long, every night!” – Lisa D.

Breastfeeding Whole30 (I did one at 2 months postpartum & 6 months postpartum) – more patience with my kids, baby slept better and skin issues for him resolved, baby’s first foods were really nutrient dense as he did the Whole30 with me!” – Lauren H.

“While doing Whole30, my milk was creamier (the picture perfect cream-rising-to-the-top type of milk), my daughter gained weight and hopped up to the 50% for weight, spit-up less and slept through the night. She also nursed for shorter amounts of time. As a working mom, that was huge to not feel like every spare moment was spent nursing.”  – Bekah B.

“Loving how great the baby’s skin is looking. She is benefiting from this too, for sure.” – Linda M.

“Over the last two days I’ve made sure to include nutrient dense carbs at every meal and I feel like I have so much more energy. Huge win for this nursing mom!” – Christina R., Whole Mamas member mama

Defining Whole30 Success: Family

“My 7 year old was a challenging kiddo who was very loud with lots of over the top emotions fits, and screams. It was exhausting and humbling to be his parent, as he was always very “spirited” and difficult to parent, not to mention how his behavior affected our family dynamic. This lifestyle has pretty much eliminated all that. I was shocked at how CALM he became and found it fascinating that he appreciated the ability to be more in control and calm when I asked him about it.” – Autumn M.

“During the September Whole30 I included my 6-year-old son.  It was cool to see him become more willing to try new things. He even took salad to school one day for lunch and was excited about it. I also saw some subtle behavior improvements.” – Lauren D.

“The best NSV is that my daughter has loved every Whole30 food we’ve given her.” – Theresa Y.

I feel amazing. My daughter is snacking on carrots and sugar snap peas. My husband and I prep healthy meals together. And for the first time in a long time, I feel in control of my food choices.” – Kelly 

There you have it! Whole30 success in every season. We’re cheering you on this month, and can’t wait to hear your success story.