Spring has sprung and we’re entering into baby shower season. Now that we’ve given you tons of suggestions for a gift that mama will love, today we’re bringing you some ideas for a Whole30 compliant baby shower menu. Whether mama requests it, or you just want to feed your guests delicious, nourishing food, you’ll love what we came up with. This menu is for a brunch; we imagine an 11AM start time and have given you a few options from full meal to appetizers to drinks. Keep reading to see what we came up with!

Full meal

If you want to go all out, have a couple of friends volunteer to be in the kitchen and create an omelette bar like this one from Laura of @cookathomemom. Guests can choose their own toppings for a made-to-order omelette! If you pre-scramble the eggs and have two skillets going at once, the cooking should go by quickly.

Consider making a big fruit salad and drinks or a build your own sweet potato toast station (like these delicious ones by Kendra of @paleopaparazzi)  for those who might not want an omelette. Let the shower guests mingle and complete some type of shower game or activity (like this cute ABC book coloring page activity or filling out wishes for baby cards) while they wait.

Savory Appetizers

The possibilities are endless for delicious, Whole30-compliant finger foods. Here are just a few options we love:


Note: if mama plans to consume prosciutto, consider heating it to steaming first!


Pre-make pitchers of fun drinks, or set up a mocktail bar and let everyone create their own concoctions!

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Header photo: Minh Trí